English Information by Students

 3年生の生徒たちが、英語の授業で、学校行事や部活動を紹介する英文を書きました。生徒の書いた英文をお楽しみください。 (2019.2.25現在)

About Sadamitsu JHS (by SA.TK)
      Our school is located in Sadamitsu, Tsurugi-cho, Mima-gun, Tokushima-ken. It was founded in 1975. A new school building was built seven years ago. It is very comfortable because there are clean toilets and air conditioners. There are 127 students and 20 teachers. We are trying to do our best in order to achieve our school motto, "advancement." On the second Wednesday of every month, our library is open to locals. Welcome to our school!

Our Field Trip (by HF.TN)
      We went to the Washuzan highland on May 24th on a field trip. At first, we went Sky Cycling. It had a very beautiful view. Next, the roller coasters were very scary. But it was very fun. We had a good time and could make great memories.

Sports Festival  (by NH.KH) 
     Our sports festival, called "Sadachu-Sai", is usually held in September. In years past, we fought between classes, but this year, we fought between grades. Many students have competitions and cheer for other years. We tried very hard to win. We enjoyed folk dancing every year. We will never forget this Sadachu-Sai.


School Festival (Chorus Contest) (by IY. UC)

    Our school chorus contest was held on September 8th this year. First graders sang "Asu-wo-shinjite" and "Eikou-no-kakehashi." Second graders sang "You Can Fly" and "Mabataki." Third graders sang "Toki-wo-koete" and "Ayumi." All graders practiced very hard to win the contest.

School Festival (Free Performance) (by FH. MS)

    Our school festival, called "Sadachu-Sai", was held in September. It's one of the most exciting events in our school. This year, all the third graders practiced dancing and performed it. We danced to Japanese songs, American songs and Korean songs. This was the last Sadachu-Sai for third graders. We really enjoyed it.

Class Tournaments (by SA. SA. TS)
  Our school has class tournaments in July and December. Boys and girls can choose the sports they play in class tournaments. Boys played soccer, and girls played volleyball in July and dodgeball in December on 2018. All the classes practice very hard to win the class tournaments. It is one of the most interesting school events.


Climbing Mt. Tsurugi (by MH.KT)
    3rd grade students and all the teachers climb Mt. Tsurugi on every summer vacation. It takes about two hours to climb the mountain. Mt. Tsurugi is the highest mountain in Tokushima. The scene from the top is beautiful and the air is very clear. We had a good memory which we won't forget. Everyone, let's climb Mt. Tsurugi!

 Club Activities  (by NG. US)
    We have eight clubs in our school. We have the baseball club, the soccer club, the basketball club, the volleyball club, the table tennis club,the Kendo club, the art club and the brass band. Sports clubs practice for Soutai, the Art club and the brass band practice for our school festival and some contests. Why don't you join our club activities?

   We went to the YMCA in June when we were in the first grade. We went to an island which looks like Totoro. We enjoyed a campfire at night. The instructor was cheerful. We slept in a bungalow.

School Trip
 (by OT.KM)
   We went to Okinawa on a school trip from May to June. On the first day, we learned about the importance of peace. On the second day, we went to the Churaumi Aquqrium and did marine sports. On the third day, we went to Shuri Castle and Kokusai-Dori. We'll never forget these memories.

 Work Experience (by TY.TM)
    Work experience programs were usually held in October. We worked at some different places. For example, a supermarket, elementary schools and a fire station. Working wasn't easy, but it was interesting. We could learn many important things from our work experiences.

Day Care Experience (by EA.SK.KM)

   On November 2nd, 3A went to the Sadamitsu nursery school. 3B went to the Sadamitsu kindergarten. We made toys and learned about children in house economic classes. We played a lot together with the children with toys that we made. The children were energetic and cute. We had a really good time!


Music Contest (by NH.YS.TR)
   Our musical contest is held in November every year. It was held in Miraizu Hall for the first time. About 700 students came to Miraizu Hall. All the students and teachers sang "kimigayo" together in the opening ceremony. We sang "Toki-wo-koete" and "Ayumi" when our turn came. We enjoyed the music contest.

Disaster Preparation Course (by MI.TT)
   The Disaster Pereparation Course was held in October. We did a drill to aim water target and experienced a fire scene. They were very good experiences for us. The curry and rice which a women's organization made for us was nice. We learned that preparing for disasters is very important for us.

Amagoi Dance (by YY.NS)
   The Amagoi Dance is a traditional dance in Sadamitsu. It is performed to bring rain. The Amagoi Dance needs a kane, taikos and dragons. The singers sing to bring rain. It was handed down since the Edo period. Now, we perform it in the Sadachu-Sai.

5.3.0 Activity (by MM.KN)
   5.3.0 Activity is picking up trash in our town. 5.3.0 is called go-mi-zero in Japanese. It means no trash. It is held around May 30th. We found trash on some roads, banks and grass. After that, we sort out the trash. We recycle cans, petbottles and bottles. Don't throw away trash and let's pick up our trash!

Recycling Activity (by IM.ON)
   We are recycling PET bottles, cardboard and cans for our environment everyday. We are members of the environment clean committee, so we collect cardboard and cans. We sort garbage in exchange for money. There is a recycling box in front of our school. We crush PET bottles. Our actions maybe small, but we can save our Earth.

Consumerism Study(by UR.NY)
   We went to many places to study consumerism. First, we went to Ai-no-yakata. We made indigo dye there. Next, we went to Otsuka Seiyaku Factory. We saw art works of trees. It shows the importance of changing our point of view. There were tomato plants. They also shows a changing point of view. We can learn a lot about consumerism.

Mima Region Track and Field Tournament(by KS.KA)
    We practice for the tournament during summer vacation every year. There are many events. For example, long-distance, short-distance, middle-distance, relay, the high jump, the long jump, the triple jump, discus throw and shot put. The tournament is held in the Naruto Pocari Sweat Stadium in August. Everyone does their best.

Junior Ekiden(by IT.MR)
    We practice running hard every early morning before the tournament. We take part in a local tounament in winter. Boys run about 3,000 meters and girls run 1,500 meters. If you practice hard, you can be a starting player. We welcome beginners. We can be united for a wonderful match.